Nikon Super Coolscan 9000ED
  • Multiple film format (120/220, 35mm, etc.) scanning capability
  • 4,000-dpi true optical-resolution scanning, 16-bit A/D converter featuring 16-/8-bit output for crisp, color-true images
  • Exclusive Scanner Nikkor ED high-performance lens elements for reduced color aberration and minimized image distortion
  • Improved rod dispersion LED technology ensures consistently accurate color reproduction and offers smoother overall image tone
  • Fast scanning (35mm: approx. 40 seconds., 6 x 9: approx. 185 seconds including image transfer to display) at 4,000 dpi
  • Newly developed high-quality 3-line CCD sensor
  • Improved image processing algorithm for significant boost in scan quality of color negative film
  • Multi-sample scanning capability of up to 16 passes for faithful reproduction and smoother gradation
  • Quick AF & Quick Preview enhance operability and convenience
  • High-speed IEEE 1394 interface for high-speed image transfer
  • Enhanced Color Management System for higher precision, in compliance with ICC (International Color Consortium) version 4 standards
  • Digital ICE4 Advanced™ automatic correction function
    1. Digital ICE™ (Image Correction & Enhancement) removes dust, scratches and fingerprints from scanned images. The SUPER COOLSCAN 9000 ED's Digital ICE Professional™ is compatible with Kodachrome film
    2. Digital ROC™ (Reconstruction Of Color) recreates and restores faded color values for vivid, faithfully rendered images
    3. Digital GEM™ (Grain Equalization & Management) equalizes image grain for sharp, clear images with no clumping or graininess
    4. Digital DEE™ (Dynamic Exposure Extender) helps reveal details lost in shadows and highlights
  • New Scan Image Enhancer for one-touch image correction
  • Driver software Nikon Scan 4 features an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) that enables easy, comprehensive scanner control
  • Easy Scanning Guide CD-ROM helps users setup and operate the scanner
  • Nikon View Software for simplified viewing and archiving of scanned images

Tarof- Film

Avec contrôle de couleurs , recadrage, dépoussiérage , détramage : +20 € HT
4000dpi / 16bit / Dynamique de densité 4,8

1ère page de 2ème à 10ème à partir de 11ème
24 x 36mm 5,00 5,98 3,50 4,19 3,00 3,59
6 x 4,5cm 7,00 8,37 4,90 5,86 4,20 5,02
6 x 6cm 7,50 8,97 5,25 6,28 4,50 5,38
6 x 7cm 8,00 9,57 5,60 6,70 4,80 5,74
6 x 9cm 12,00 14,35 8,40 10,05 7,20 8,61

tél : 0153110256
fax : 0153110356
e-mail :
adresse : 67, rue de Richelieu
75002 Paris, France


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